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Money for your Kickstarter Project

At Talking Heads® our company believe in acquiring nuturing (and funding) for your imagination. Our Kickstarter videos will assist you persuade generous donors to money your job. We understand you're enthusiastic about your concept, so we deal with you. Sure, a written letter can achieve the exact same thing, however a video makes it more personal-- the effort counts here, too. You'll be able to truly show them what your job is about; the more they understand, the likelier individuals would contribute. With our custom-made made discussion plans, you can change your site and social networks accounts from text-filled pages to a high-definition virtual discussion, all at a competitive cost.



Kickstarter is a financing platform for innovative jobs. Everything from films, games, and music to art, innovation, and style. Ambitious, innovative, and imaginative concepts flock to Kickstarter. Kickstarter brings those concepts to life through the direct support of others.


Everything on Kickstarter must be a task with a clear objective, like making an album, a book, or a masterpiece. When a job is completed, there is a product.





A task is a limited deal with a clear goal that you 'd like to bring to life. Think films, albums, or books. The funding goal is the amount of loan that a developer requires to complete their project.


Kickstarter utilizes all-or-nothing financing. Backers are not billed up until the project reaches the funding objective. In this manner, developers always have the budget they scoped out prior to moving on.


The individual or team behind the task concept is call the Creator. They are the ones working to bring the job to life.


Backers are folks who pledge money to join developers in bringing jobs to life.


Rewards are a developer's possibility to share a piece of their project with their backer community. Normally, these are unique experiences, restricted editions, or copies of the product.


If you would like to know more about how it works, try here searching around and taking a look at some of the projects on their website. If you're curious about starting a project, see their Creator Handbook can offer you a terrific summary.


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Our Kickstarter videos will assist you persuade generous donors to fund your task. Kickstarter is a financing platform for imaginative jobs. Everything on Kickstarter need to be a job with a clear goal, like making an album, a book, or a work of art. The individual or group behind the project concept is call the Creator. Rewards are a creator's opportunity to share a piece of their job with their backer community.



What is a Animated Sketch Video?



We can describe your item, service or treatment in an Animated Whiteboard Video! Our Animated Explainer Videos powerfully explain things detailed, and keep the attention of your viewers! We develop customized video material tailored for your company and marketing goals.


Animated Whiteboard Videos concentrate on the message. With regard to non-food services where by you can not utilize close-ups connected with flavorful foods, it is far much better to get Animation Videos. You get the curiosity of your audience, getting them to understand your message more. This sort of style is ideal for infomercials and companies whose outright objective is always to teach and provide realities correctly with the quickest quantity of time possible.

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Web reports show that marketing in digital age has gotten away from fixed ads into web videos. Experts have actually anticipated that your mobile video use is increasing simply by 100% with every various passing year for that reason will only will start to grow from usually there. By 2019, it occurs is anticipated to go beyond any other media in the internet by 80%. When utilized right, video production and animation might be your ticket to being the subsequent social media brand trend.


What is a Animated Explainer Video?


A Animated Explainer Video is a short, fun and informative video that is usually 2 - 3 minutes long but in a few cases shorter. An Animated Whiteboard Video is a short, fun and ... entertaining and fun to view it captures and maintains viewers more effective than just text or boring videos. High-quality explainer videos explain, engage, and sell.


Animated Explainer Videos don't simply explain ideas, they bring focus and attention to making an idea effortless to comprehend. Their communication is intentional and goal oriented. Present your company's message and sell your products and services.


Not only is the world growing more complicated, but new tools are transforming how we think about making and sharing explanations. What starts in the written word can now be transformed into media. A trend that's emerging in a big way is explainer videos.


Animated Explainer Video videos with a specific goal: understanding. They use concise and clear language along with entertaining and useful visuals. The video format can cater to as a near-perfect package for introducing ideas, products, and services in a form that not only explains but attracts attention.


Feel intimidated with the notion of creating an explainer video? There's no need to be-- they just represent another excellent way to get your content out to your target audience. Besides the really big brands that we are all familiar with, a lot of lesser-known companies and even small start-ups are using them.
Explainer videos 'explain' what you do quickly and effortlessly so anybody can grasp it. It's kind of like CliffsNotes for your business-- a concise and short version of exactly what your company does.




An Animated Whiteboard Video is a short, fun and informative video that is usually 2 - 3 minutes long but in some cases briefer. An Animated Explainer Video is a short, fun. It captures and holds viewers attention more efficiently than just text or boring videos.







Web Video Marketing



Internet Video Marketing


Video Marketing isn't just about putting together pieces of clips to promote a brand. Online Video Marketing is all about recording what the audience wishes to see, and exactly what the brand name requires to be. Videos, as compared to other multimedia platforms, cultivate engagement and increase audience interaction.


Videos are crucial when developing a brand's trustworthiness as well as online branding. Animated Videos If you prefer to make your brand name to stand out in the cyber world, are your ideal bet. Instead of images, testimonials, as well as other task platforms, video clips can aid with your Online Video Marketing and also reveal your creative imagination.


Nearly every company or website owner has an excellent should utilize video on their website. Rather than the obvious "marketing" video, why not produce a video that demonstrates how to utilize your thing, or possibly brand name video? Or a non-traditional approach or usage of your thing. Different designs of video can advertise your brand name in various ways.

Website Video Marketing


Video Production Company


The term internet marketing is still somewhat slippery, and may mean different things to various people. Internet marketing is the usage of the internet to market and offer goods and services. Internet marketing is necessary marketing for any site that aspires to make an earnings online.


Internet marketing is the practice of utilizing all facets of web marketing to produce a response from your audience. Some of the methods include search engine marketing (both search engine optimization and pay per click marketing), banner marketing, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, interactive advertising, and e-mail advertising. When done correctly this is a successful and really effective form of web marketing.



Website Video



About Us


We are Utah based Video Production Company. Our emphasis is generally on Videos for web sites. , if you see one of those spokespeople show up on a web page without a background.. We stemmed those. Presently, we are doing a lot of Whiteboard and Animated Videos for business around the world. Likewise, we've produced lots of local and cable television commercials.


We want to get more info talk with you about the kind of animated video you long for your web site or Blog. Call us at 801-748-2281


We have been developing Animated Videos and helping companies with online video marketing for over a years. We have actually made 10s of countless videos for everybody from small blog sites to Fortune 500 business. You understand you can trust us to develop a terrific video for you.



Our focus is primarily on Videos for web websites. We want to talk with you about the type of animated video you wish for your web site or Blog. We have made 10s of thousands of videos for everybody from small blog sites to Fortune 500 companies.

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Animation Videos Capture Viewers' Brains


At Talking Heads we never just make whiteboard draw videos. We possess spent years studying the art of persuasion and connection. Your story ought to be told well. So we team up to customize and develop a video that increase leads and heightens sales in your goods and services.

Tallking Heads® we make videos that stimulate your viewers' brains. Mirror neutrons with the brain make your viewer think it's her / his hand drawing, triggering a dopamine rush inside brain and improve the viewers capacity to target and remember. The get more info brain is now wondering and pays a lot more attention wondering just what the whiteboard drawing can be. As it tries to guess what the sketch may become, it focuses a lot more and rewards by itself. This happens as often as needed. Whiteboard sketch is much like a time unit with each completely new drawing practically hypnotizing ones viewer. Because of that hyper focus, the viewer also remembers more with the whiteboard animation of which regular videos.


Static adverts with images along with block letters are getting increasingly dated and irrelevant. In this fast-paced society of online web videos, those that are able to utilize the advantages using a website video is a ones who could win. For the brand new generation of promotional professionals, this is actually where their stand out point lies. Creative content creation—primarily making use of video production.


Importance of Social Media


Research has demonstrated that among internet marketing professionals, millennials are tapping more into web2.0 and video production. Just look at the success of youtubers and also other social media influencers. These young entrepreneurs can now create million dollar businesses by effectively capitalizing on online video production along with through their web2.0 know-how. They used web2.0 to their advantage and with a popular medium, web videos, to create a huge audience that they use as investment capital for advertisers. Such, this was how social networking influencers are born.


How do you compete? Social media is often a ripe environment and a fast medium to give your message to your wide audience. That is where the investing public, the small professionals with revenue to burn prosper and spend their own time. If you are able to capture their awareness, you can effectively double your blog's traffic or boost your sales while using the right strategies.


Not Just Any Video


Video naturally is the way to go. But, not a random video, what the individual demands is a particular entertaining and partaking summary animated video. That is right. If you think about the web videos that dominate social media traffic, they have the following blend of getting, energetic and above all short videos.


Get A Custom Made Video


But, you also ought to create a custom made Video. With a custom made video you can partner the information you want to deliver to the video production style. That is where we come into play. We at talking heads, are dedicated to Whiteboard animation. A novel in addition to engaging video production type that combines typography together with doodle animation with engaging voice-overs that is perfect for infomercials and knowledge heavy presentations.


Visualize Your Info


It's effective in data visualization and comprehensive data driven marketing campaigns while staying true for the short and described video making form of producing viral videos. Just look in our extensive brochure of companies along with organizations that have rooked our unique whiteboard explainer video fashion. If you are not convinced, have you thought to talk to some of our trusted representatives and become a quote. Exploit our services, be part of the new centuries and effortlessly improve your web traffic with us.

Whiteboard Animation Videos Are Taking Off Across the Internet



Whiteboard Animation Videos are blowing up throughout the internet. These are the videos where where an artist's hand is shown to sketch out text and images to illustrate the message the video is aiming to make clear. Most people discover this type of video very amusing to see. Perhaps you're curious as to how they are made and would like to understand whether you would gain from having one made for your site.

Custom Whiteboard Videos


I'm going to answer a few of the most common concerns about whiteboard animation videos in this blog.


Why Use Video on Your Website?


If you are trying to get a message throughout, whether to sell something, inform people or simply to captivate, why pick video over other formats? There are at least 3 excellent reasons.


  • Video is the most available, instant and compelling medium around at the moment. We are all utilized to viewing TELEVISION or film and absorbing content through moving images. We associate it with being captivated and we like to be captivated. In other words, individuals are more likely to stick to a video until completion than they are with pure text or text and images.

  • Second, the Internet loves video. Individuals will share informative or amusing video content through social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, with a preparedness not found with other formats. (When did you last hear of a printed file 'going viral'?). And Google loves video. Do a search on practically any subject and you will discover a great crop of videos appearing plainly. It has been amply shown that, all else being equivalent, a video will rank higher and quicker than the same material in another form will.

  • Third, if you produce a video, you have the methods to easily adjust it to provide the same details in other formats. You can strip off the audio to produce something individuals can listen to and have that audio transcribed to have something individuals can read.


Custom Whiteboard Videos


Why Should You Use Whiteboard Animation Videos?


In basic terms, whiteboard animation videos have all the positives of other videos then some. First, there is always something happening on screen to keep the audience engaged and interested. Second, most of us have been raised on animations and the element of animation develops an effective subconscious draw. Third, they state a picture deserves a thousand words. Thoroughly chosen images in a whiteboard animation can engage with audiences on an emotional level that easy words can not. That those images are moving only contributes to the engagement.


For all of these factors, whiteboard animation videos have been revealed to be significantly more reliable at getting a message across than other video formats. Which is particularly real of sales messages.


Other Reasons To Use Whiteboard Animation Videos?


Whiteboard animation videos are entertaining and useful but they are also a great deal more fun to see than dry wordy PowerPoint presentations. If we are having even a little bit of fun along the way, we are going to be much more ready to absorb info. Simply puts, we learn much better when we are being captivated.


That is not all. Having to break info down into a type where it can be demonstrated with simple sketch images and short text snippets forces whoever is making the video to present even complex concepts in an accessible way.


Should You Be Using Whiteboard Animation?

Custom Whiteboard Videos


Whiteboard animation videos are going to out-perform ordinary videos in a whole range of applications. They have been revealed to be more reliable at offering, training, entertaining and providing. Whiteboard animation brings a highly perceived worth due to the fact that it looks professional and slick and is very entertaining.


Where to obtain Whiteboard Animation Video with Collaborative Scripting and Custom Artwork?


Talking Heads® Makes Custom Whiteboard Explainer Video. Theybelieve truly Amazing videos start and finish with your goal in mind you may want one video or several different varieties of videos to enable your prospects become customers.


Before we begin, We ask questions. We find out WHAT you do, HOW you do it, and WHY you do it that way. We wish to be on the exact same page as you; like we work there.


They the finest Animators, Illustrators, and Graphic Artists. Our videos are completely filmed and composited here at our studio to maintain our high quality standards and accuracy. We dont outsource our tasks to any other studios. Everything is totally filmed RIGHT HERE!




These are the videos where where an artist's hand is revealed to sketch out text and images to illustrate the message the video is trying to get across. In easy terms, whiteboard animation videos have all of the positives of other videos and then some. For all of these factors, whiteboard animation videos have actually been revealed to be significantly more reliable at getting a message throughout than other video formats. Whiteboard animation videos are entertaining and informative however they are likewise an entire lot more enjoyable to watch than dry wordy PowerPoint presentations. Whiteboard animation videos are going to out-perform run-of-the-mill videos in a whole range of applications.





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